Group classes

Morning: 6am – 7am 
Monday to Friday

Abhyāsa – Mindful morning practice

These are progressive classes for someone who has the foundation of the Yogāyush method and wishes to study with me for a long term to understand the holistic approach to yoga at a steady pace.

Morning: 7:30am – 8:30am
Monday to Friday

Saṅkalpa – Intention

The journey to become a better self, starts from the sankalpa (intention) of beginning with the yoga practice. Here you are introduced to the Yogāyush Method. It will provide you the foundational techniques associated with breath work, postural alignment, and the groundwork for strength and mobility. These classes are open to all levels. It is an excellent place to begin a yoga practice and for others, it provides an opportunity to return to the basics, creating a deeper connection to your practice.

Morning: 10 am – 11am
Monday to Friday

Vikāsa – Progress

A multilevel class designed to focus on alignment and strength while incorporating the practice of āsana, sūryanamaskāra, prānāyāma, dhārana and yoga nidra.

*All class timings are in IST
*Fees per month – Rs 3500 for Indian residents and 80 USD for students residing outside of India.

Please fill the registration form. 
I will go through it and guide you further.

    Declaration: If at any point during the class you feel discomfort or strain, gently come out of the posture, rest for some time and discuss it with your teacher. It is important in yoga to listen to the body and respect its limitations.

    I understand that yoga involves physical movements as well as opportunities for mental as well as physical relaxation. As in case of any physical activity, risk of injury or damage is always present and cannot be completely eliminated.

    I understand that yoga is not a substitute for a medical treatment. I should consult a physician prior to beginning any activity program, including yoga.

    I completely accept that neither the instructors, nor the institution, is liable for any injury, or health issues, resulting from taking the class.